Monday, July 14, 2008


sometimes we do want things to last forever and other times we can't wait for things to end. how come there never seems to be an in between stage. or i guess if there is it is never brought up. rarely am i just happy to be alive at that moment. either way i find myself longing for something more. why can't i just be happy? some people don't have this problem but i definately do. i really have an issue with living in the moment. i am either trying to plan ahead or i am over analyzing things that are past and out of my control. not that the future is really under my control but hopefully you know what i mean. i think i need a new try to enjoy or respect (because not all moments are enjoyable) every moment for what it is. geez that sounds like such a tall order. who am i kidding?? that is a tall order.

i think i'm going to need prayers. there are alot of things in my life out of whack right now that i need to deal with. some of you might now about some things. for now please keep it to yourself. some things need to be taken care of before it becomes a public matter. thank you.


Fading Existence said...

It can be hard to enjoy where you are in the moment... sometimes focusing on a project you love and seeing what you do now as getting you toward that goal can really help.

~amy mccormick~ said...

I will definitely be praying!! I love ya girl!! I know it can be hard, but remember God promised us peace. I have had to be reminded of that many times!! Love ya!! :-)

Julie said...

LOL... as a fellow overanalyzer, I completely understand. Love ya girl! ;-) You're gonna be just fine. Promise. Jer. 29:11