Sunday, July 20, 2008

random question.

*yes amy and julie this is what i was writing in church tonight*

does it take a "special" kind of woman to date/marry a man in the military? its something i wonder often. i need input. i just don't know. especially since i'm still just a fiance. and if it does take a "special" kind of woman, what makes a woman that kind of "special?" i've had many peers say to me "i don't know how you do it" but honestly...i don't know how not to. and what is it exactly that i'm doing that they feel inadequate to do? the statement just baffles me.

our relationship is still very young. we've only dated for two years. we still have marriage and deployments to experience. we are still only a couple and not yet a family. there are so many unknowns. i guess that's why i have such a problem with the "i don't know how you do it" statement...i don't feel like i've done anything yet. especially not anything special.

when some people say that they don't know how i do it they're talking about being separated from jesse so much. others are talking about dealing with the risks jesse will eventually face. but sometimes i have no idea what they mean...actually make that most of the time. i'm just curious to see what you have to say. sometimes i can answer my own question, this is not one of those times apparently.

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Julie said...

If I said that, I meant I don't know how you can be apart from Jesse so much of the time. Being apart from Kenny is very hard for me and we're only apart a total of one month out of the year. That's what I mean... hope that helps. Love ya girl! :-)