Thursday, June 5, 2008


i have had many people come into my life that turned out to be angels. i have three angels that will always hold a special place in my heart. i will talk about them in the order that they entered my life.

she continues to rescue me and touch me in ways i will never be able to express. she is a rock. her passion for christ inspires me. through the years she has shared personal experiences with me that give me hope. i know now that God isn't expecting perfection from us, just our everything. he knows we will mess up and she taught me that as long as i give my all . . . i don't have to be perfect. i believe our souls are sisters. i am very glad that God blessed me with her friendship.

he entered my life at one of my lowest points. i had just turned over the cutting for drinking and all of my energy went to an inside battle. he was an angel because for the first time i felt loved. he saw my imperfections and still chose to love me. it was nice to have someone and to be needed. then after fifteen months i realized we were both changing and i wasn't happy anymore. we didn't talk, well not in a civilized manner, for a long time but now things are okay again. we've agreed that we are much better not dating and now we can work through issues that we left untouched. but all things considered . . . he is still an angel to me.

where do i even begin. he will be my angel for the rest of my life. he loves me for me. and i love him for a million reasons. i still have the imperfections but jesse embraced them. some of them he has even taught me to love. he has shown me that i am the only person i have to make happy. he loves my tattoos, he loves my in spite of my temper . . . he simply loves me and that is exactly the saving grace i need for the rest of my life.

i want to thank all of my angels: julie, josh, jesse, and every other friend who was ever there for me. please do not think that because you were not mentioned in this blog that i haven't prayed thanks for having your friendship.

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Julie said...

Wow! I am speechless. And also feeling extremely honored. Thanks for being so sweet and honest Danie. I love you too! :)