Thursday, June 5, 2008

blast from the past.

last night was interesting. me, josh and meag all together again for the first time in probably over a year. church was fun. we had our survival boot camp and freshman hazing. i ran the bobbing for grenades game. javi tried to throw me in the pool . . . not cool at all. josh pulled me off this running ramp and i slammed into the ground. oh my goodness it hurt. but it was fun to be outside and running around. meag took tons of pictures!! i left my camera in the car but i'll live.

then meag, josh , jeremy and i all went to taco bell for food. poor jeremy. he had to listen to all kinds of crazy stories and interesting memories. a year and a half of high school to talk about . . . thats alot for someone to miss out on and try to make sense of later. but jeremy survived.

but all things aside. akward moments. questionable stories. it was nice to all be together again. it was needed.

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