Monday, April 21, 2008


i'm definately ready for a new tattoo. i have three planned. one will have to wait until i am completely done having children. one i will get after jesse's first deployment. but the third is fair game, i just need meag. guess i need to let her in on that lol but right now i don't have the money. actually i don't have any money at all but that's life. i also need to get the one on my shoulder touched up. the red is crazy blotchy, not cute. all i need to do is find the time cause he said he would touch up any of his own work free. i might see if he would touch up the little bit of red in the tattoo on my hip. i don't know . . . need to make plans with brittany cause her red turned out funny too. oh and THANK YOU kenny and julie for airing up my tires last night!! i love you both!!

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