Monday, April 21, 2008


a few days ago at work i was talking about jesse and how eventually he will deploy and my co-worker replied "that is why you don't join the military!" those words hit me like a lightening bolt. i just could not swallow them and for a brief moment i thanked God that not everyone felt that way. could you imagine if our entire nation thought that deployments were a good enough reason to not join the military. the chaos that would result is unthinkable. i was just dumbfounded that a fellow american, my friend, felt that way. i am still amazed.

then later that evening we were both mopping and the subject came up again and she said "you're a brave one" and again i found myself speechless. when i could gather the words i asked "why am i brave?" and she simply said because i want to marry a soldier. but i disagree . . . he is the one who will travel to foreign lands to protect our nation's freedom. he is the one who will be away from his family to put his life at risk for twelve months at a time. all i did was choose to love him and wait for him . . . i do not see the bravery in that . . . if anything it is borderline stupidity (joking, i know i am not stupid). but seriously, am i really being brave? that is not a rhetorical question by the way. i would like opinions. i might be missing something in myself that those around me see everyday and i would like to know.

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