Friday, May 2, 2008

.about that.

so i got the tattoo on my shoulder touched up. i'm super happy with the results. apparently its supposed to hurt worse to get it touched up than it does to actually get it the first time (so the artist said) but i disagree. it actually hurt me a little less.

i'm also super excited about next weekend. jesse and i are going to chattanooga for a mini vacation before he has to go to california. it will be our first. YAY! plus since it is may i can say that this month will be our two year anniversary! two years . . . its gone by quick. especially since we're apart so much.

well its bedtime for me. jesse is going shopping with me tomorrow before i have to go to work. i am getting a new purse and a new sportsbra to sleep in. i'm excited. night to all. sweet dreams.

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