Sunday, July 13, 2014

ORC Progress Report

Yikes I can't believe another 30 days slipped by me.  I'm actually two days past the sixty day mark.  I have not begun a third Orange Rhino Challenge.

How am I doing?

Well things are stressful for us right now.  Stress can make you do crazy things.  Overall I feel like I'm still doing okay though.  There is still work to be done but I can feel a change in myself.  Even when I do yell (just being honest, it still happens) I don't feel as out of control.  We're still working on getting back on track with discipline.  I'm trying to finish the current book I'm reading before we set up any new plans.  I know we will be implementing family meetings.  Punitive time out will become positive time out.  And I'm sure as I continue to read my book I will realize other changes that need to be made.  I still believe in positive discipline and feel it is the best path for our family.  I just want to have a better grasp on things before we start making changes.  For now I will continue to work on not yelling at my children and making small changes in how I talk to them and what words I choose when correcting them or teaching them.  Parenting is a fun ride isn't it?

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