Friday, April 18, 2014

ORC Progress Report

As I'm typing this I am sitting in the wee hours of day 6 of the Orange Rhino Challenge.  Both of my precious girls are still sleeping.  Our day has yet to begin.  Although the toddler was up multiple times last night so I'm not sure yesterday ever ended.

Overall this challenge has not been as difficult as I expected.  I give all thanks to God.  I have felt his hand on me through these last six days in a way I've never felt before.  Anytime something happens that would normally send me straight into yelling I hear him whisper in my spirit, "Take a breath.  You can do it."  I pray thanks to Him daily for the peace and self control He has blessed me with during this challenge.

Now that doesn't mean I haven't messed up.  God may be doing wonderful things through me but alas I am still human.  Yesterday was a recipe for disaster.  Overall we had an amazing day as a family but we went shopping for me an Easter outfit.  Honestly, shopping for myself goes so much better without the little ones in tow.  It's probably why it doesn't happen often.  Anyways, I was in the dressing rules and the girls were running around all the other dressing rooms and periodically busting in on me (yay for a door with a broken lock).  I stayed much calmer than I normally would but after them slamming doors over and over again after being politely asked not to, I snapped a little.  I didn't go all out and yell but my voice was a little louder and more agitated than my normal "firm" voice.  At first I was a little disappointed in myself but then I looked at the big picture.  I still didn't go into my crazy yell mode.  The rest of the day was a very nice day despite neither girl getting a good nap.

One little slip in the first six days?  I'll take it and learn from it.  I am still so very thankful to feel God's hand upon me as I make this change.

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