Tuesday, September 10, 2013

What this deployment taught me...

It's been two months since our second deployment came to a close.  I already posted a recap of the chaos that ensued in those ten months.  Now I figured I would share about what those events and all of the little in between moments taught me.

I am strong.  Yes, I can finally admit that to myself.  As I think back through everything it would be ridiculous for me to continue denying this fact about myself.  It's hard to be confident in myself but I owe it to myself and to my girls to start believing in myself.  The military lifestyle is not for the weak regardless of the specifics.  Even us weekend warrior families are strong.

God is amazing.  Seriously.  I could not have made it through on my strength alone.  It will always baffle me how non-Christians survive life.  I just couldn't make it without my Savior.

I have some amazing friends.  Of course my family is awesome too but when someone who isn't related to you goes above and beyond there is just something so special about it.  I had a couple of special friends really be there for me in ways I couldn't have anticipated or imagined.  I gladly consider them family now.

Every deployment is different.  Yes I only have two under my belt but it is so true.  Our first deployment was really quite easy.  This one not so much.  I always assumed that once we had been through two I would feel like a pro.  Not so much.  Hopefully we have awhile before we have to do this again.

Overall, the experience was not what I expected.  A good reminder to keep expectations to a minimum.  Ideally us military wives should learn to have zero expectations when it comes to the deployment process but I'm still working on that.

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