Saturday, March 31, 2012

I can't help...

But sit and admire my new header.  My beautiful baby girl is seventeen months old now, which is super hard to believe, and definitely coming into her own.  Her vocabulary is slowly building.  She's finally getting into eating solids even though she still nurses a good deal.  Oh and yes, I'm still nursing her with no plans to wean any time soon.  I realize that's a touchy topic but it's the best decision for us.  She's definitely a fiesty little one with a mind of her own.  She is a leader, rarely a follower.  She's just so cute.  Of course I'm biased, I know.  We have our rough days, but who doesn't when you're with someone pretty much 24/7, but I am truly blessed to have her in my life and love watching her learn and grow.


Rachael said...

I applaud you for nursing this long. I wish I had been able to nurse and I really commend you for doing what is best for your little and your entire family. <3


Danie Nicole said...

Awww thanks girl. It's nice to hear someone supportive.
So many people judge and make rude comments like what I do with my breasts and/or child is anyone else business. It's crazy.