Thursday, May 26, 2011


Was an emotional day full of ups and downs.
This post might get a little long so bear with me.

First of all it was the five year anniversary of my first date with the hubby.  Five years may not seem long to many but considering I'm only twenty-one and hubby is twenty-three, I'd say it's pretty special.  We didn't do anything to celebrate but it was definitely a good feeling.  It's only about five months til our three year wedding anniversary.  I love him so much!

It was the six year anniversary of the death of two wonderful young ladies I went to high school with.  I truly believe heaven got two new angels the day they went home.  They are so loved and missed.  We will always remember Hope and Lori.  I know I will see them again someday.

It was the last youth service for the first freshman Sunday School class I taught by myself.  That's right, my kiddos are graduating.  It was an emotional night.  I know God has wonderful things in store for them.  A whole new chapter of their lives is before them and I know they will all do great as long as they continue to let God guide them.

My beautiful baby girl also started crawling yesterday.  She is seven months old today and is officially mobile.  It's amazing how fast it feels the time has gone.  I wish it would slow down a little.  I already miss her newborn days.

This next point might be TMI so read on with caution but it definitely makes a difference on how I felt yesterday.  Aunt Flo returned for the first time in sixteen months.  Yes I said sixteen months.  She hadn't been an issue since January of 2010 (the month I got pregnant with my dear little Emberlynn).  It's one of the perks of breastfeeding.  Needless to say, my hormones made yesterday that much more emotional.  Plus with the cramping and a baby that wouldn't nap, it was an exhausting day.  Thankfully, Emy is napping better today because I feel like crap.  I definitely did not miss Aunt Flo but all good things must come to an end I guess.

If you made it all the way through this post, thank you.  I just needed to get everything out.  Hope everyone else is doing well!

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Jessica said...

Wow...definetly a day of ups and downs.