Thursday, May 19, 2011

Was she a C-Section?

Seriously.  I actually have gotten this question a few times.  Every once in awhile someone will ask me if my daughter was born via c-section.  Just today a man in the waiting room at the PT office asked me this.  It always catches me off guard.
Apparently my child has a really 'good' shaped head for a baby that was delivered vaginally.  At least that's what these people tell me.  They always seem surprised when I tell them that she was in fact a vaginal delivery.  I'm not sure exactly how my child's head should be shaped but I always find the question amusing.  I've gotten it ever since she was born.  I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact she was occiput posterior.  Maybe her head didn't get wedged down in my pelvis as long because of her positioning since she didn't start rotating until I was pushing.  Although she did drop down into my pelvis at least five weeks before her delivery so who knows.
No matter what the reason, I guess I should be proud of my baby's 'good' shaped head.  Interested to see how many more times I will get this question before my child grows hair.


Jessica said...

it really amazes me sometimes the things that people let fly out of their mouth...

Danie Nicole said...

Yea. It's like some people think that you being pregnant or becoming a parent gives them the right to bless you with their opinion/story. I love hearing some opinions and stories but some are just downright ridiculous.