Monday, December 6, 2010

WoF Christmas Carnival Day 1: My Favorite Christmas Decoration

Sadly, my husband and I really do not decorate for Christmas.  Money has always been tight and we haven't really been able to buy Christmas decorations.  We plan to eventually purchase decorations, especially since Christmas is my husband's favorite holiday.  My husband also hopes that eventually we will host Christmas at our home.  Well once we have a home and are no longer living in an apartment.
Anyways, back to the point of this post.  Because my husband and I have yet to establish our own Christmas decor or tradition, I am going to talk about the decoration I liked best as a child.  When I was younger, and my parents were still living together, we would always decorate the tree as a family.  One year we even video taped the event although I have no idea where that video is now.  My favorite decoration that went on the tree was the silver icicle tinsel.  I loved how messy it was and how it got every where.  My parents hated using it but it was my absolute favorite.  They always had to remind me to be careful with it.  You could only hang a couple of strands at a time or you would end up with these tangles clumps of silver all over the place.
I have wonderful memories of draping that stuff on the tree.  I miss those days but hope to recapture those types of traditions before my daughter is old enough to remember Christmas.

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Pattie said...

I love tinsel too! I'm putting you down for 2 entries since you have a tinsel picture. Thanks for participating!!! Pattie from WOF

Kelley said...

I loved the tinsel when I was a kid too. I won't use it now, because of our cats. There's nothing worse than stepping on a hairball full of tinsel in the middle of the night ;) My poor kids are so deprived!

Tonya said...

My family used to put silver icicle tinsel on the christmas tree too! Decorating the tree as a family is such a fun event.

Maybe you will be able to decorate next year. Not sure if there is one in your area, but the Dollar Tree or Dollar General has very cheap (but nice looking) ornaments that you can use. Have a merry christmas!