Monday, December 27, 2010

2010 is coming to a close...

So I am stealing an idea from my friend and want to post a review of my year...

January started my sixth semester of college.  My hubby had been home from Iraq for about a month.  It was so exciting to have him home.  I got my first speeding ticket with my father-in-law in the car with me.  That was not fun.  I was ready to settle in and get to know my husband again but he did have his first yellow ribbon ceremony.

February started with my husband's second yellow ribbon ceremony and I got to go with him.  We went to Sea World while we were in Orlando and I had a blast.  I had never been before.  We rode all of the roller coasters and got to watch Shamu.  Just before Valentine's Day I found out I was pregnant.  It was a scary and exciting time.

March is when we announced to everyone we were expecting.  We also attended hubby's third and final yellow ribbon ceremony.  We didn't go to any theme parks that time though because I wouldn't be able to ride any rides.

April was nothing special.  I might have started to show during this time but can't really remember.  I was just working and trying to keep up with school work.

May is when the semester came to an end.  I don't know when I am going to go back to school or if I will ever go back but it always feels good to survive finals.  Hubby had his first drill post-deployment.  It was the same weekend that Nashville flooded.  It was a scary time for our area but the community came together amazingly.  This is also the month I learned I was carrying a little girl.  We got to see her on ultrasound.  It was amazing.

June was also another average month.  School was over so work was my main concern.  Hubby and I were just trying to make ends meet.

July is when I quit my job.  Hubby and I decided it was for the best.  We took a trip to Oklahoma to see my family and had a blast.  My cousin came back with us and spent a couple of weeks here.  That was also amazing.  It was just an awesome month.

August marked my twenty-first birthday.  I'm now legal to drink which I have no intention of doing and legal to own a hand gun which I want very much.  My birthday was fun.  We went to dinner to celebrate.

September is when hubby started back to school after four semesters out.  I started having preterm labor symptoms.  It was kind of a crazy month for us.  We also took our child birthing classes every Thursday of this month.

October I became full term.  I had contractions all month.  Everyone thought I was going to deliver early.  My due date was the 21st but it came and went with no baby to show.  Hubby turned twenty-three on the 22nd.  Still no baby.  I ended up being induced on the 26th.  I was in labor for fourteen hours and pushed for forty-five minutes.  Finally I had my baby girl to hold.  Hubby and I also celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary on the 30th.  We didn't really do anything though because it had only been four days since I had given birth so I didn't feel like getting out or leaving Emy with anyone.

November was Emy's first Thanksgiving.  We started the day with my family for lunch and went to my in-laws for dinner.  It was our first full month as parents and I think things went well.  Emy also started sleeping through the night.

December isn't quite over yet but has also been a good month.  Jesse's semester came to an end and he raised his GPA enough to be able to contract with ROTC.  That means he'll be on his way to commissioning as an officer.  That's going to be a big step for us.  It was Emy's first Christmas and my mom got to come meet her for the first time.  It was a wonderful holiday season and it was so sad to see my mom go back home.

All in all, this year has been great and definitely life changing.  My only resolution for next year is really just a goal.  It is to be the best wife and mother that I can be.

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