Thursday, August 5, 2010

a room in a museum.

If someone dedicated a room in a museum to you, what would you want it to look like?  They would display all of your accomplishments and maybe some of your biggest mistakes.  You should be living in a way where you wouldn't have an issue with anything they wanted to put on display.  Honestly, your life is already on display.  There is at least one person (probably more) watching how you live your life.  And I'm talking at least one person besides God.  Whether it is your children, or a family member or friend, there is someone around you that looks up to you and maybe even wants their life to end up just like yours.  You can laugh and say, "Oh you don't want my life" but to the person, your life looks better.  Its hard for us to imagine because usually, we're our own worst critic.  But think of the people you see displayed in a museum.  While they were living their life, I doubt our greatest heroes wondered, "How will this make me look to others?"  I believe they did what they did because they believed it was the right thing to do.  Many put their career, reputation, and lives on the line.  Very few of them got recognized for their great accomplishments while they were still alive.
Its never too late to change what your room would look like.  You will answer to God in a similar way to the scrutiny of the museum room.  Everything you've done will be on display.  If you make yourself the best you, you could help someone else be their best also.

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