Thursday, August 12, 2010

appointment number seven:

i'm going every two weeks now.  i have three more appointments before i start going every week.  things are going well.  nothing special about this appointment.  i have been having problems with dry skin but the doc looked at it to make sure it wasn't a rash.  things are looking good.  my due date is ten weeks away but emy could come in as little seven weeks since when you reach 37 weeks they no longer consider the baby premature.  it all still feels so surreal.  we are getting more and more baby stuff and as i set it up around the house (since we won't be setting up a nursery until we find a new place) it feels so weird.  i can't believe how fast this pregnancy has gone by.  although i hear the last few weeks can drag by.  i guess we will see.  people are already telling me i look like i could pop.  i hope she cooks a little longer.  but all in all, so far pregnancy has been enjoyable.  of course there are unpleasant parts but i'm not afraid to do it again in a few years.

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