Friday, May 14, 2010

edit to appointment number three.

after finding out what hubby's family history really is and talking it out with each other, hubby and i have decided to decline genetic counseling. jesse's only two cousins on his mother's side of the family both have a condition called tuberous sclerosis and there is a chance that he could pass it down since it can be genetic. usually it is just a random gene mutation but can run in families. all of that being said, it can be really hard to test for genetically and genes are usually only tested after a child/person is presenting with symptoms. we have decided that we will decline the testing now unless the ultrasound finds something abnormal which can happen. we will make our (to be determined) pediatrician aware of the family history and have the child evaluated once our little blessing is in our arms. hubby was evaluated for tsc (the abbreviation for the condition) as a child and it was determined that if he does have the condition or gene mutation that it is not active and he does not present any symptoms or developmental delay so his involvement is considered "silent". we're still kind of nervous that it is a possibility but feel so relieved by our decision to decline the genetic counseling. we'd rather have our child and then figure out the risks then get told now that our child might have it and find out later that our child doesn't.

and because we declined genetic counseling we no longer have to have our anatomy scan at an outside office like we were originally. now we get to have our anatomy scan at our doctor's office which i am super excited about because the my doc's office gives us a cd of all of the pics taken instead of print outs of just a few pics like the outside office. plus my scan was moved from june 1st to may 27th! i know its only a few days earlier but i'm so excited and impatient to see my little one again. hopefully little one will cooperate and we will get to find out whether it is a him or a her.

i think thats all of the updating i have for now. i will update you after my next appointment and will more than likely post a pic of my little one.

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