Tuesday, March 16, 2010

its over.

the deployment that is. i realize that hubby came home in late november but in january we were surprised with information about post-deployment training and the yellow ribbon ceremonies. something we did not know was coming. it ended up being three different events in orlando. needless to say we did the events out of order. january was event seven and was considered "soldier only". this event was for ninety day post-deployment even though jesse had been home around sixty days. february was event five and was a family event. this event was for thirty days post-deployment even though there was only a two week gap between the january event and the february event. this past weekend was event six and was also a family event. it was for sixty days post-deployment. it was our third and final event. this deployment can finally be put in the past. it is a life experience that i will always value but its so good to move on. i'm sure there will be other deployments in the future but until then we can just enjoy being married and try to prepare ourselves for the miracle that will arrive this fall.

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