Monday, February 15, 2010

valentine's day.

so i know that this post is a little late but oh well. i have always loved valentine's day. it is a holiday that i believe is for more than couples. i believe that its a holiday that is also for families. but regardless of how anyone celebrates, i think that we should better incorporate love for each other into our daily lives. i'm glad we have a special day to remember but we should express our love to those who are special to us daily. this year, hubby and i really didn't do much. the money is super tight right now. saturday we went out for lunch and then i cooked dinner for us at home. sunday i worked nursery and then taught sunday school. we went out to eat with my dad which we don't do often so that was nice and then went to my in-laws to visit which is fairly normal for a sunday afternoon. all in all, it was a great weekend.

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Kathryn said...

I like that you said it is not just for couples, it is for families! Glad you had a great weekend! :)