Thursday, February 11, 2010

oh what a day.

yesterday started out rough. this cold had me feeling horrible. then i got in the shower and actually felt pretty good so i went to work. the four hour shift was fine. we were kind of slow and i only felt mildly sick. then i got home and started feeling horrible again. jesse told me that maintenance should be stopping by (he had called them yesterday morning for a toilet leak we discovered tuesday night). we decided i shouldn't go to church and risk getting the youth sick. jesse went out and picked up dinner from cracker barrel and dropped my concession keys off at church. he had only been home about twenty minutes when we heard a knock at the door. jesse grabs the door handle to open it since it was the maintenance people and the door won't open. seriously, THE DOOR WOULDN'T OPEN! he tried to turn it and it simply wouldn't turn. so jesse jumped off the balcony to talk to the maintenance people. the maintenance people went and got a ladder so that they could climb onto our balcony. they finally get our door to work and fixed out toilet. a normal day turned into an interesting one quick.
so far today i still feel horrible. i'm so ready for this to be over. oh well. i'll just stick to my sudafed and orange juice.

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