Monday, December 14, 2009

WoF Christmas Carnival Day 3: The Best Christmas Present I Ever Gave

Wow this one is hard. I really haven't been buying Christmas presents by myself for very long. I'm still fairly young and have only had a job for a couple of years and finances are still tight since I am a college student. There were a few years that I passed out framed recent school photos as presents and made cookies for people. However, I would say that the best gift I ever gave will be given this year. Since I have been on my own, I have stayed in Tennessee for the holidays (after spending my first eighteen Christmas' in Oklahoma). Well this year, despite limited funds, I am making the drive to Oklahoma to spend Christmas with my family. My mom is super excited! This will be my husband's first Christmas away from home but he is making the sacrifice for me which is a pretty good gift in itself. Needless to say, I am definitely looking forward to this holiday season.

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Jessica said...

what a wonderful gift to give to be able to spend the holiday's with your family =)

Jolene said...

Sounds like a good husband you have there! I hope you enjoy your Christmas at home!