Thursday, December 10, 2009


well i'm at the tail end of the cold. thats pretty exciting. i now have two finals to study for. my sociology final is comprehensive (with a four page study guide) and my history final is not. sadly they are both on the same day. that worries me a little bit. then i have a paper to revise and another to write for english. our final is actually going to be staging a courtroom and putting love on trial. its a class project. the professor has us all quite confused. we will see how that goes. then this semester will be over. i'm pretty excited but i have so many other plans that might interfere with me getting my work done.

today i work 12 to 4 and then we're having dinner with gus and laura which i'm super excited about. tomorrow i work and then have a sister to sister event. saturday i work and then jesse and i have planned a date night. sunday i have church and would normally go to my in-laws but we might stay home so i can study for the two finals i have on monday. then monday i have my sociology and history final. tuesday i will work and work on the papers and my testimony for english (i'm a witness for the defense). then wednesday i will turn in my papers, attend english, and then go to church. then next thursday i will work and i'm also trying to plan dinner with my dad, sister, brother-in-law, and in-laws. then next friday i will work and amazingly i don't think i have anything planned that evening. then next saturday we are having christmas with my in-laws. i'll need to figure out if i can work that day. then after all of the craziness i have just listed, jesse and i will be leaving to go to oklahoma for christmas.

wow i feel tired after typing all that out. oh well, as long as i put in my best effort i can be sure that God will carry me through. wish me luck on the upcoming craziness. oh and did i mention that i'm driving to oklahoma for the first time? yep, i've been a passenger on the trip dozens of times but i've never driven that ten or so hour trip. should be interesting.

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