Friday, October 16, 2009

an accomplished day.

today was a good day. i worked 10 to 2. then i went to the honda dealership to get an oil change (i went back to the dealership only because my first oil change was free) which was much needed. plus, while i was in the lobby waiting i had a nice conversations with my dear jesse. i love him so much and it was wonderful to talk to him today but something he said still has me very confused. he told me he was planning something. he refused to tell me what or give me any hints. he said it didn't cost any money nor were his parents in on the planning. and then the interesting part...he told me that i would "just know" what it is when the time comes. i laughed at him. he seems to think that despite the five months we've been apart, we have some kind of telepathic connection lol (completely ignoring the fact that we're still newlyweds). but he stood by his defense that i will just know as long as i remember the conversation we had today so i guess we'll see.
then after the oil change i went grocery shopping. this was something i was also behind on but as usual i feel i bought more drinks than i did food. while at walmart i also purchased some of the makeup and stuff i will need for the judgment. i'm in charge of the "regular people" makeup this year which means i am in charge of the supplies i will need. i still have some makeup from last year but some things just don't last that long. some of the things i purchased today i plan to return. i got it home and decided that the money could be spent better on other items. some items i purchased but will hold onto to see if i will need them mid production.
after two hours in walmart i finally headed home and cooked myself a yummy dinner of three cheese tortellini. and now i'm just relaxing in bed. sadly, even though i feel exhausted, i can't seem to fall asleep. hopefully soon i will drift off. but all in all i have ended today on a good note despite the empty pillow laying beside me. i can't wait for hubby to be home!

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