Wednesday, July 8, 2009

trying to help.

troubled friends often turn to me to talk out their problems. don't get me wrong, i don't mind. in fact i love being able to help out my friends but sometimes i have friends who have issues i don't know how to help with so i just let them vent and tell them i will pray. plus as youth staff i also have teenagers that bring personal problems to me, which again i don't mind at all. i love being youth staff. but today i had friends bring some pretty serious issues to me. it breaks my heart to see my friends hurting. but then i also had unexpected light hearted conversations. its amazing sometimes how you connect to people sometimes. if you read my blog regularly then you have read previous posts about one particular youth that we have had problems with. well i had a talk with this student after service a few weeks ago about how disrespectful this his/her behavior was and now we seem to be hitting it off just fine. every time this student sees me, he/she walks up and gives me a hug. and tonight this kid felt comfortable enough with me to tell me about his/her crush lol. needless to say i know the person who is being crushed on and i know his/her parents so i found it very humorous but i was touched that this student feels they can confide in me. i love being on youth staff and i love helping my friends. i am so glad that so many people value my opinion.
p.s. sorry about all the "his/her"...i'd really like to keep the identity of the student unknown. it would be very wrong of me as youth staff to call out a student's identity that hasn't given me permission to do so.


Jessica Harrell said...

I know what you mean when you say that you are glad that your friends value your opinion...especially when you are there for them time after time because it hurts when they make it clear that they don't.

iKnowThisLife? said...

I love you!!

Jaime said...

It was my hubby... Who him telling me I wouldn't have known. But when he deployed with the whole unit, we were notified via phone tree