Tuesday, July 7, 2009

last week.

i had a crazy busy week last week. i still have the headache (yes that means i've had it longer than a week) but the lenses for my new glasses still have not come in so i'm impatiently waiting to see if that will fix the problem. it just has me overwhelmed. there are times when i get kind of used to it and then it catches me off guard by reaching a whole new level of pain. i've taken advil from time to time and it dulls the headache to a manageable level but doesn't completely take it away. and hubby feels bad cause there is nothing he can do to help but he knows there is not much he could do if he was home either. plus hubby wants to see my new glasses. i haven't even described them to him.

another thing that has me overwhelmed is my growing prayer list. i have so many friends and family going through so much thats sometimes i find it difficult to keep up. it makes me feel horrible when i forget to pray for someone who asked so here lately i've been keeping a list on the side of my computer screen but seeing it all written down makes me feel so sad.

to completely change the subject, there has been a few awesome things about this past week. i volunteered some hours at the youth firework tent and we did pretty darn good. i had a wonderful visit with my in-laws. most of the time was spent with my father-in-law because it was mom's week to go visit her mother but i always have a good time at my in-laws. and the best part of all...i got to see hubby on web cam! usually he just gets to see me cause our computers start slowing down when both are running but we risked it any way. we got to watch each other sleep. i know that sounds really strange to some of you but he asked me to leave my cam running and he left his up and it was nice to be able to roll over and see him just like he was here. technology can be a wonderful thing when it cooperates. i miss hubby so much but i am so proud of him. he actually posted on our joint blog a few days ago which is wonderful because its nice to get his point of view on things. click here to check it out.

i hope everyone has a wonderful day.

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Jessica said...

you are so right technology can be a great thing! how wonderful that the 2 of you were able to see each other sleeping...I know how special that is ;)

hope your headache gets better soon