Friday, May 29, 2009

first friday with miss kate.

today was my first friday with miss kate. for those of you who don't know, i will be keeping her every friday while her parents are at work so there will probably be at least one picture every friday. what can i say? i'm a photo fanatic and little ones grow so fast that memories need to be held dear. today went very well with only one flaw...i am apparently no good at setting up a pack-and-play but her parents struggled with it too so i don't feel so bad. to improvise i wedged her in between a pillow and the back of the couch and i set beside her to make sure nothing bad happened. i didn't figure it would since she was swaddled in two blankets and can't roll over yet but its better to be safe than sorry. other than that, all was well. we kept up with the feeding schedule. we sat outside for a little bit for fresh air. i also set in front of her while she was in her bouncy seat and sang and talked to her (see picture above). she's so precious. i am absolutely thrilled that i've been given an opportunity to be apart of this little girl's life. she will make fridays the highlight of my week, besides church days of course.
i hope everyone had a good day!

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McAngie said...

Aww look at her!