Friday, April 10, 2009

what a day.

my day started off relatively normal. woke up a little late. didn't quite get all of my homework done because of a horrible headache i had last night. showered, got dressed, and just barely made it to class on time. class was hilarious because our professor was so tired that he was ditzy and silly (which is very unusual). then after class i walked to the library to finish the paper that was due by 9pm. everything seemed like it was actually going to work out. little did i know what mother nature had in store.

for the city of murfreesboro today was a horrible day. hundreds of houses and businesses have been destroyed by tornadoes. while all of this was happened i was sitting in a family bathroom on the first floor of our school library. they kept us there for over two hours while the storms were raging all over town. houses not even a mile from my apartment were hit. when we were finally allowed to leave the library, i drove home to see if i still had a home (yes the tornado was really that close). i feel very blessed to say that my apartment complex is in tact. but when i got home the power was out so i was unable to email my professor to explain that my paper was going to be late.

well i couldn't stay at home long because i had to head to work. i left my apartment early in hopes of getting to work with enough time to eat before i had to clock in. that didn't work out either. it took me forty minutes (using the interstate...if you know me then you know how big of a deal it is for me to be on the interstate) to get to work because a tornado had hit right along I24 covering it with pieces of trees. the storm also overturned an semi; that accident took around seven hours to clean up. when i finally got to work it was crazy busy. when i got there at 4pm they had already made $55o worth of food [the average friday lunch would probably be between $350 and $450]. from 4pm to close, which is 9pm, we had made over $1800 in food. at our busiest we were telling customers that there would be at least an hour and a half wait. we were all exhausted and mentally drained by the time we walked out of there but before we left i asked seth (one of my coworkers) to check my tires to see if they were low.

he came back in and announced "the good news're still alive! the bad news is...your rear driver-side tire is only measuring 10PSI. your two front tires are measuring 20PSI and your other tire is at 30...they should all be at 35. you need to air those up. and please don't take the interstate home, i don't know how you've been driving at all!" so he told me to go down to the kangaroo mart (on the corner of memorial and thompson lane) and fill up my tires. i agreed and we all drove our separate direction. i get to the gas station only to find that they have no power. i go ahead and turn on thompson lane which also has no power and pray that i can make it to another gas station. of course the two gas stations at the intersection of thompson lane and broad are closed because the tornado has done quite a bit of damage in that area. i finally stop at a gas station on thompson lane near the walmart. it took $2.50 (plus a trip inside to get more quaters) to fill up all four of my poor tires.

by the time i got home it was almost 11pm and i was so thankful to realize that i have power! i took a hot shower because i felt so icky from work. i still haven't eaten anything...all day...but i'm to tired to worry about it now. plus i'm pretty sure that most of my food needs trashed after having no power for who knows how long. i have to be back at work at 10 in the morning. there will be so much stock to do. overall i have had a lousy day and nothing went the way i had hoped but i am so taankful to be safe and alive and to still have my home and all of my belongings. my day could have been ten million times worse than it was and i believe i have God to thank for that.

as for now i need to be heading to bed. i hope everyone is safe. the tornado victims will most definately be in my prayers.

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