Tuesday, February 10, 2009

my weekend.

my weekend was bittersweet. for those of you who don't know, husband got to come in for the weekend. it was last minute and very unexpected. it was wonderful to have him home. we had an amazing weekend. but it was much too short.
he flew in friday morning. i skipped classes to pick him up at the airport. to watch him walk toward me again was surreal. we came home and jesse wanted to eat mcdonalds so we did. then i had to get ready for work. i worked 4pm to close. got home around 10pm. then we went to o' charleys for dinner. and then to walmart to buy the two new cds jesse wanted: all american rejects and the fray.
saturday i had to work 10am to 4pm. then i rushed home to dress up to go surprise the in-laws. see we didn't tell his parents ahead of time that jesse was coming in. that's how last minute the whole thing was. his parents go to the same restaurant every saturday night so we beat them there. when its just the two of them they sit at the bar so they sat us in the next two seats. then we sat there and waited for their arrival. when jesse's parents walked in they walked right past us. so we turned and watched them, waiting for them to notice. finally when they turned to sit down they saw him. oh their faces were priceless. i so wish i had had my camera on me. then jesse and i left them at the restaurant and we went to the golden eagle. then walked around the mall. jesse went into barnes and noble for a book. we came home and hubby surprised me with this 3D puzzle heart he bought and put together. he's so sweet.
then of course on sunday we went to sunday school and church. everyone was very surprised to see him. then i had to leave him to go to julie's baby shower. i had a blast! i almost one the string game and did win the word search. jesse and i skipped evening service and spend the evening with his parents. they grilled burgers. it was fun.
then came the bitter part. yesterday was rough. i said goodbye to hubby again. for some reason saying goodbye yesterday was the exact opposite of saying goodbye on january 2nd. jesse said he felt less sad and i felt more sad. it was weird. i didn't cry near as much. and actually i only cried because i got frustrated at the airport people. because of them ignoring us i didn't get to go back to the gate with jesse. it ticked me off. then i had to once again drive home alone. i got home just in time to eat real quick and head to anatomy lab. we had to disect a cat. ick. poor kitty.
so that was my weekend. i had a wonderful weekend with my hubby and hopefully soon he will get his letter and leave the country so he can hurry back to my arms.

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