Thursday, February 5, 2009


i'm really tired of it. now i know i'm youth staff so i'm going to have to deal with it but it should be from the teenagers...NOT the other staff. its ridiculous. and its frustrating. i thought we were supposed to be older than that. i'm okay when my fellow staff come to me with serious issues. i'm more than happy to pray and try to help. but i am so tired of the "he said, she said...oh i can't believe he/she said that!" it is time to grow up peoples.

sorry for that rant of mine. last night it just put me in a not so great mood and it made it really hard to get into worship. it ticks me off when my peers interfere with my ability to praise God.


Julie said...

I'm sorry I'm so dramatic. I'll try to be better. ;-)

Becca Hicks said...

girl, i'm right there with ya.
you have my number...text/call me WHENEVER you need to vent, i know you'd be there for me too.

love :)

and btw, i had to get a new blog...somethin weird happened and my other one got deleted :( so it's