Sunday, December 28, 2008

sitting around.

so today was kind of a long day. sunday school then second service. i did pretty good...i barely cried. then lunch with kenny, julie, jeremy, amy, and andy. then off to massimo and linda's. i wrestled with alessia. she was a trip. then fabiana just randomly walked up and plopped herself in my lap. the girls were great. stefano spent most of his time in the back room on the computer. alessia was a little hard to understand though. the family is italian and the children were taught to speak both languages but alessia is too young to know when to use which language so he speech is one third english, one third italian, and one third typical toddler gibberish. i wore the poor girl out. she just randomly passed out in the living room floor at like ten to six. but i wore myself out too. i'm exhausted. jesse and i came home with every intention to work on unpacking but instead i'm watching the house marathon on usa and jesse is playing some video game. so much for intentions...

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