Sunday, November 9, 2008


God is amazing. last night i felt awful. i was ridiculously upset about not getting a phone call. but today's church services were exactly what i needed. i took the time to humble myself and pray and i feel an overwhelming sense of peace now. i love God. he really does know exactly what we need and exactly when we need it. i feel refreshed and new. plus i think my cold is already passing. i'm still a little congested but the only time i've needed kleenex today was when i cried during prayer. i was very surprised but pleased.

i taught sunday school today. it was a lesson pastor kenny wrote years ago about smoking. for a little bit we got off topic and talked about aids which sounds really random but eventually we got back on topic. they were really talkative today. since i didn't feel well my patience was a little thin so i stood up in my chair to keep their attention. but overall they were really interested in the topic. they seem to like the topical lessons better than studying chapters of the bible. its kind of sad because we know they don't know their bible as well as they should but whatever keeps them interested is what we will do as long as God stays the ultimate focus.

i'm just thrilled that today ended up being a good day. last night when i was upset i made a list of everything i needed to talk to jesse about and then he called a couple of hours ago and we got to talk out everything. he still hasn't gotten his phone charger. he actually got the oppurtunity to go to the post office saturday but it so happens that it was closed. he was mad rightfully so. but he said today was a good day. i didn't tell him what an amazing day i had. i should have but i was more concerned with the list. i needed his opinion on a few topics before i could act of them. well i think i'm going to go fix me something for dinner. hope everyone else had a good day.

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