Tuesday, October 21, 2008

today's news...well my news today...

this will be just random updates...

dad bought an iPhone. no idea why. he could barely operate his razor. i had to set up his voicemail. plus its a touch screen and dad thinks he has to push as hard as a button to get it to work. this should be interesting.

i got my wedding band in the mail yesterday. that was super exciting. my only concern is that its not as thick as my engagement ring. they are both 2mm wide but the band of my engagement right sits farther off my finger than my wedding band. i can't decide if it looks right or not. yes i tried it on to make sure it fit. i wasn't sure if i am a 4.25 or a 4.5 so i had to check. i plan to ask the opinions of some of my church friends tonight to see what they think. i hope jesse's wedding band is thicker though. we haven't gotten his yet.

fights suck. that one is pretty self explanatory except you don't know who i fought with. sadly it was jesse. we don't fight often and normally we can talk it out but as strange as it sounds...phones are ruining our communication skills. they really are. since he has such a lousy phone signal in the field we are relying on texts and they were not invented for real conversations. we'll see how the week goes.

we have our judgment dress rehearsal tonight. i can't believe how fast october has gone by. we officially start showing for the public this friday. everyone should come! sadly our sanctuary only holds so many people so if we are full you will be turned away. i advise showing up early and/or picking an off night. definitely not halloween. but if you do get turned away please try to come to another show. it is something that alot of time and energy has and will get put in to.

i guess thats it for now. i should be doing homework. i will try to post later.

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