Tuesday, October 21, 2008


my boss thinks that jesse and i should take the whole three days he's home to get away and just be alone. don't get me wrong, that sounds great but we can't. i told her that his parents need to see him too and she looked at me like i was crazy. she reminded me that marriage means we leave our parents and become one. she says that me sacrificing my honeymoon so that his parents can see him is me trying to please them and that is a horrible way to start off a marriage. she seems to think we will always put "trying to make them happy" before what is right for us. WRONG! i chose to not go anywhere out of respect for his parents. no, they're not thrilled that we're getting married but we are anyway. that isn't very respectful of us i will admit. but to keep him from his parents for all three days he is home would cross a line. he is an only child and he is getting ready to deploy. he will be gone for over a year. even as his wife, i don't think i have the right to take that time away from them. they have taken me in as family and i have gladly done the same. i really don't see it causing a problem down the road. now him not seeing them would cause a problem...thats why we've only chosen to spend our wedding night away. i do plan to try to talk to kenny or julie about it. i really hate to bother them right now cause they are super stressed but i need a pastor's input. especially that pastor that will be marrying us in nine days. but i will probably have better luck talking to julie. we will see...

mom and dad:
if you read this...i love you. we do plan on spending our wedding night alone together but i do plan for him to spend time with you both. i refuse to take that away from you. sadly i know he will want to help out at church because it kills him that he can't be more involved but i will make him keep time open for you. thank you.

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