Saturday, September 20, 2008

talking to the parentals.

so both sets of parents now know that we're considering getting married before he leaves. most of the responses were predictable but some were surprising. the predictable reactions: my mom was excited. jesse parents would like us to wait until at least one of us is finished with school (originally they would like us both to be finished but deployment is going to put jesse at least three semesters behind). the main issue with that is if we stick with our may 25, 2010 date...we'll both still be in school. their concerns make sense and we expected the response we got but we still felt it was important to get their input. they deserve to be involved. my dad was the one who surprised us. when i told him he said "well either way i have your back." i was shocked. i was expecting him to be completely against it. all in all...we're still deciding. there's alot to do to make it happen. we won't have a ceremony until he comes home whichever way we go about it but there's still alot to getting married and making sure everything is in order for after the marriage.

that aside but not off the topic...we aren't considering marriage now because he's leaving. we actually weren't going to consider it because he's leaving. we didn't want people to think that was the only reason we were getting married. but after discussing it with the pastor who is going to marry us we decided to reconsider it. i guess we'll see what happens.

now its time for me to get in the shower. i work three to close tonight. wish me luck. i did get to sleep in today so i caught up on some sleep. i also teach sunday school tomorrow and we're taking engagement pictures tomorrow afternoon. i'm super excited about the pictures. keep my family in your prayers please. there is alot of drama going on and i'm afaid of who might get hurt...


Laura said...

That is a huge decision, but I trust the 2 of you to make the best one. Either way your situation is difficult. I'll be praying for the Lord's guidance for you. I am very glad to hear the talks went well!

McAngie said...

Well, whatever decision you guys make, I wish you both the best! And remember, it's "your" decision, not anyone else's. As long as the marriage is centered around GOD, then it can't fail! And what more wonderful gift can you give Jesse than to send him away on deployment and to be his wife and give him all of your love and support?!