Thursday, September 25, 2008

crying in church again.

last sunday we prayed for a soldier who was scheduled to leave monday. they didn't share the location because of the sensitive nature of military intelligence or any MOS for that matter. when the congregation started praying i just started crying. i guess anyone with a military loved one who has deployed before or is deployed understands but this is new to me. i am so proud of him. he is doing a wonderful thing for our country. but sometimes i just feel so selfish. i can't help but think about how hard it will be to not have him here. most of you would say that i'm not in the wrong for worrying about the seperation but i disagree. as a christian the bible tells me not to worry. i should trust that God will take care of everything but as a human being, i do worry. please pray for me but more importantly please pray for our troops. there are many units deploying from our area. this includes active duty, reserve, and guard. this will test many local families. thank you for your patience through my rambles. much love to everyone.

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Julie said...

It's not a ramble... it's a valid concern. And yes, I will definitely pray. I love you sweetie!