Friday, September 12, 2008

lots to do.

lol my schedule is crazy. but i'm loving my extracurricular activities. so far the only think i've added is the wives of faith bible study but its amazing. this coming tuesday jesse and i are starting premarriage counseling. i know that its a very serious thing and we'll have to explain very intimate parts of our relationship but i'm so glad its with pastor kenny and mrs. julie. i feel so at ease with them and they'll be a great third party to i guess evaluate our relationship. plus they are role models of mine so i'm excited. today is going to be a busy day. i should be getting in the shower but i'm killing time so that my paycheck will be ready. i plan to head out around noon. i have to go to sally's and walmart. probably something else but i forget. lol. guess thats it for now.

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