Thursday, September 4, 2008

a first.

tonight represents a couple of firsts for me. tonight was my first bible study ever and it was also my first group meeting with military spouses. now i know i'm not a wife yet but fiances are welcome too. it was great. the woman who leads it is so sweet and so down to earth. i'm really looking forward to this group. i think it will be really good for me. hopefully i will learn ways to deal with jesse's deployment that aren't like the destructive activities i participated in back in high school.

plus soon i will be facing another first. jesse and i will be starting premarital counseling as soon as the books come in. right now the day is up in the air but its kind of looking like tuesdays. i'm a little nervous about it but i think it will be good for us. we need to make sure our foundation is strong not only to well get married but just to be able to weather this upcoming separation.

but now i'm going to go read up on the bible study (i won the book in a drawing...YAY). plus i need to get some sleep. i'm still sick. much love. night.

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