Saturday, July 5, 2008

independence day.

yesterday jesse and i went to erica's apartment to swim. i'm getting sick so i didn't swim much. i get too dizzy. i plan to go to the doctor monday. but it was fun. i ended up laying out. i actually got some sun!! and i didn't burn. i was amazed. then after swimming we went to the firework tent that the youth is running as a fundraiser and helped out. then we went to jesse's house for dinner with his parents. it had been awhile since i had seen them so i was nervous but things went well. it felt a little akward at times but that was better than expected. i just don't feel well. i work three to close tonight. i considered calling in sick but i need all the money i can get. especially since i have to go to the doctor. uhg. oh well. i should also be cleaning but i get too dizzy. i really don't know how i'm going to survive work but we will see. wish me luck.

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