Tuesday, July 8, 2008


i want to post. but i don't know what to say. actually i have alot to say but its not fit for the blogging world, especially considering who some of my readers are. some of the things i have to say aren't very nice so i'm going to keep them to myself.

i went to the doctor today. well actually i went to my school clinic. she said that my ears and throat looked fine and she thinks its allergies. she gave me free samples and a prescription. i guess its a wait and see type thing.

jesse is really going through alot right now. he's trying to find a job. he's either leaving for school next month or leaving for florida in october. no he won't do both. i'm trying to be patient. he also informed me that he is applying to transfer to mtsu. that would be amazing. its cheaper by quite a bit, it would be easier for him to hold on to any job he gets, and we might be able to get an apartment or something with a friend or two. i still really want to move out. i don't think that is going to change. i just need more money. if i continued to work my current hours i think i would be okay but i know that i can't when i'm in school. i'll only be able to work four days a week. well now that i do that math its only one day less but that one day could be anywhere from 26 to 52 dollars less depending on the shift. some days i work for four hours, somedays six, and somedays eight. hmmm. thats 52 to 104 dollars less per paycheck. thats a big difference. sorry if i lost some of you. i seemed to have turned this post into a sounding board.

okay so its really late. i have to be up in four hours for work. ick. i really need to be sleeping but i'm laying in bed as i type this and i'm still not tired. that spark is really starting to get to me. oh well. i guess i need to get off here. night for now all.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, I totally unnderstand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you get it all figured out.