Monday, May 12, 2008


as we reached lover's leap the view was breath taking. i leaned over the wall and jokingly asked "what would you think about getting married here? its beautiful." and he smiles and replies "well speaking of that" . . . unnecessary details deleted, he got down on one knee and asked . . . "will you marry me?" shocked, i laughed and said of course. i had spent the weeks up to this trip thinking about what it would be like to get proposed to at rock city and sure enough he did.

the picture to the right is the exact view from the spot where he proposed. it was beautiful and amazing and romantic and even better because it was my jesse.

but somehow despite all the mushy feelings . . . it really doesn't feel any different. i know the ring isn't important but i don't think it will feel real until i have the ring. i mean the ring i wear on my left ring finger, i have worn for almost a year and a half now. without the ring changing i really don't feel the change in our relationship. but me and jesse talked about it and i know why i don't have the ring and i know why he chose to propose without the ring and it is fine with me. he actually plans to propose again once he has the "real" ring. right now i have a walmart $10 substitute that is beautiful but it doesn't fit because i have tiny fingers so i can't wear it but it is the thought that counts and he didn't want to pass up proposing to me in front of such beautiful scenery just because of a minor ring issue. an issue i might add that should be resolved by the end of the summer.

as for a date i think we are considering may 25, 2010. yes that is two years away. if money permits we might consider may 25th of next year but if not next year definately 2010. that, in case you don't know the math, would be our four year anniversary. we don't want to get married until we are at least on our way to financial stability. money would be too fickle of a thing to risk our relationship over. but i have faith.

it just all feels very surreal. i just figured you all wanted the story and the details so here they are for you to enjoy. all i can say for now is yay for lover's leap and yay for God's plan!

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