Friday, May 16, 2008

good question.

i found this image on the postsecret website. i want to ask god the very same question. i wonder what he thinks about the woman who had a partial sex change, is now calling herself a man but still has the proper reproductive system to become pregnant. i don't even know what i think. i mean it is sad the woman "he" married can't have children but there are other options.

more than anything i guess today's society just scares me. someday i will have children, hopefully within the next five years, and they will be exposed to things that are considered "the norm" that should have never happened. i'm scared i will fail my children. that i will fail to protect them from society's misfortunes. i can't imagine how afraid my mom was seeing how society had changed from her generation . . . now its getting even worse RIGHT BEFORE MY EYES! historical events from the oklahoma city bombing to 9-11 to a pregnant man . . . things will never be the same again. sadly i can only see things getting worse from here. what is our generation to do??


Julie said...

I hope this will encourage you. Sodom and Gomorrah were worse than we are. God's been there and He's done that and He has the strength to help us through the horrors of our society. Just give it to him girlie. I love you! :-)

psychokid451 said...

I want you to know that you will be a great mother. You will not fail our children, that I promise you. I will also be there to walk with you and help you raise them in this hard and strange time. the world may indeed become worse but it need not be so for our children.

Danie Nicole said...

Thank you my love.