Wednesday, May 14, 2008


so as i have mentioned before, i have a substitute engagement ring because of issues jesse had. well gus and laura decided to make a contribution to give me a substitute i can actually wear. it is amazing! it is a real almost flawless diamond. gus actually gave it to jesse saying "sell it or give it to her . . . either way its yours." somehow . . . not really sure how . . . it fits perfectly. let me tell you how rare that is . . . my ring size is a 4.5 . . . thats pretty small if you've never seen my fingers and the ring FITS PERFECTLY. i know God had something to do with how everything worked out. as far as i know jesse is still planning on buying me the other ring . . . i really don't know if the ring gus gifted is supposed to be permanent. it just takes away the doubt of if God is happy with this. YAY!

plus i'm super excited about a package i got today. i ordered a camera online and it came today. another YAY! i'm still getting used to it of course. i really haven't had an opportunity to play with it but it shouldn't take too long. speaking of photography, here lately i've been putting a picture in my blog posts simply because i love some of the pictures i took in chattanooga. i had been longing for new pictures and its wonderful to have them. hope everyone enjoys them.

on a sadder note, jesse is leaving for california this saturday. he will be gone until june 10th. i love the army. he will do this every year he is a reserve. i know three and a half weeks isn't the longest we have been apart but i still don't want him to go. he will be missed greatly. it just scares me i guess . . . i know its something i have to get used to.

well it is bed time now. i don't have to work until 4pm but since i think i am getting sick, the extra sleep would be nice. that is if my father doesn't wake me up a million times asking dumb questions. much love and night night.

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