Saturday, January 9, 2016

A Mother's Intuition

I'm by no means a pro at this motherhood thing.  It's been roughly six years since I became pregnant with my oldest.  But even from her conception I've had a voice communicate with me from deep inside.  As I've grown in my faith I've come to recognize this voice as the Holy Spirit.  While I'm still learning to let Spirit guide me in every day life, I definitely receive strong guidance when it comes to my kiddos.  Sure there are times when I act on uneasy feelings and it ends up not being anything but I've learned to always listen.

During my pregnancy with Emberlynn I had an uneasy feeling about delivering in the hospital and being induced.  There were mental red flags that I ignored because I was doing what I thought I was supposed to.  I mean seriously, who just goes and has a home birth without being able to justify such a controversial decision?  Well my intuition was right.  Her delivery was less than ideal and the recovery was long and slow.  Thankfully my little bundle of joy was perfectly healthy but I paid the price for not listening to that inner voice.

With Zoe we've had two instances when she was sick and something told me she needed to be seen even though others didn't think she was "that sick".  Both times my baby ended up being hospitalized for four days.

Now we face yet another test of my mother's intuition.  From the beginning I've felt that our new little blessing on the way is a boy.  All of my pregnancy symptoms have been different.  I've felt completely different.  And all that aside, I just have this feeling that I'm carrying a boy.  But here's the catch, the ultrasound tech said girl!  Mentally I just can't commit to calling this baby a girl.  We've toyed with the idea of having another ultrasound but are still on the fence.  Regardless of what we decide, I know come April we will know for sure whether we are being blessed with another daughter or our first son.  The anticipation almost feels like torture some days.  But then I remind myself how quickly pregnancy passes and soon enough I'll know.

I say all of that to tell any new mom's reading this to please trust your gut!  You know your kid better than anyone else.  You know what the right decision is.  So drown out all of those external voices.  Ignore the criticism.  Believe in yourself.  God has given you these specific children for a reason and he will guide you in raising them.  Much love and God bless.

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