Sunday, January 1, 2012

How I Did Last Year:

These were my goals last year...

1. To breastfeed at least until Emy's first birthday, maybe longer. - We're still breastfeeding at 14mos.
2. Pastor Eddie challenged us to read at least one book a month.  I plan to accept that challenge and will try to blog about each book to keep myself accountable. - At this I failed but plan to try again this year.  I've compiled a reading list in hopes that it will help.
3. Yet again, my goal is to read at least one bible verse daily.  Ideally, I'd like to read the Bible through in a year but if I start small, maybe I stand a better chance of following through. - I also failed at this but have purchased a One Year Bible so I'll have a schedule to follow.
4. To follow the weekly cleaning schedule I set up before Emy was born. - Our move threw this all out of whack but I've created a new one to follow this year.
5. To make a weekly menu and follow it which will involve cooking more meals at home and eating out less.  As a breastfeeding mom, I need to be more conscious about what I eat. - Uhg.  Another fail.  Try again this year.
6. To figure out some kind of exercise routine.  My true goal is to buy some of those shape up shoes (or something equivalent) and walk three times a week.  I have never exercised regularly and I think now that I am a mom, its a good time to change that. - Walking didn't work out.  I have new plans for an exercise routine this year and am hopeful.
7. To take my vitamin daily.  Since I am breastfeeding, I am supposed to continue taking my prenatal vitamin and well I am horrible at remembering.  That needs to change. - For a few months I failed miserably but I've gotten back on track.
8. To brush my teeth twice daily.  I've always brushed my teeth in the morning but I always forget at night. - Still need improvement.
9. To watch television less.  Since I am at home all day now, the television is almost always on.  That just can't be good for my brain so I need to pick how much time I will allow myself daily and stick to it. - Needs work.
10. To set a regular date routine with hubby.  It wasn't a priority when it was just us but with Emberlynn in our lives now, we need to make sure we set aside time for just us. - Definitely did not keep up with.  We did good the first three months but then Emberlynn started refusing the bottle and since she still breastfeeds so frequently, dates nights without the little one really weren't possible.  Since we currently have no plans to wean, I'm not sure when we'll pick this back up.
11. To be more consistent with Emy's bedtime routine.  We have started one but we need to be more consistent about it now that Emy is starting to get older. - Again, things went well til the move.  We need to revise this.
12. To drink at least one bottle of plain water (not the flavored water I love) daily.  I have never been a water drinker but I really need to be. - Did well for awhile.  Needs to be picked back up.

As you can see I did not do so well last year.  We faced some stressful circumstances and my best intentions got pushed to the back burner.  However, It's a new year.  Some of these goals will repeat (well most of them) but that's life.  I should always strive to do better in the area's of my life that need improvement.

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Rachael said...

I wish I felt like I could make new year's resolutions and hold them. I think I just meet reoccuring goals and then call them my resolutions ;) LOL I don't think that counts. But I commend you for continuing to set goals! I think it's a wonderful way to push us to grow more!