Monday, September 19, 2011


[Mommy Monday]

Here is the defenition I found at

Spoiled: to impair the disposition or character of by overindulgence or excessive praise

Honestly I was a little saddened by the definition.  It really goes to show how our society views children.
Personally I do not believe you can spoil a child with love or attention.  I believe it is a parent's job to give a child as much love and attention possible.  I think it builds a connected relationship which is good for children.  They need to feel secure with their parents.
However, you can spoil a child with material things and a lack of boundaries.
I wish our society would get over the idea that children should only be shown a certain amount of affection or be held for a certain amount of time.  They are small for such a short amount of time.  Why not enjoy the cuddles?  It's only a matter of time before they're busy exploring the big world around them and don't have the time to be loved or cuddled.
Enjoy your babies!  Love them, cuddle them, hold them!  As much as they need!  Physical contact is a need for a baby and is essential for development!

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