Wednesday, May 11, 2011

You did good!

I get this statement every once in awhile in response to my daughter's cuteness.  I will admit that she is absolutely adorable, of course I am biased.
 Photo Proof?  Lol.
I just don't feel right taking the credit.  Yes I know the birds and the bees.  I do realize that it is highly unlikely that she would be here without me and my husband.  But I truly believe that the credit should go to God.  He created her.  She is our blessing from Him.  I feel I was just chosen as a vessel for her gestation and birth.  God chose hubby and I to be her Earthly parents and raise her.  But God is responsible!  After all, do we not celebrate Jesus' virgin mother.  We've all heard or said the phrase "It takes two" but God used his power to send us a Savior.  Mary was pure and untouched.  Jesus' conception did not take two mortal human beings, just one amazing God.  Granted, my daughter was not a product of immaculate conception but I hope you get my point.  I will be responsible for how I raise my daughter but I do not deserve the credit for her cuteness or for her existence.  She is a child of God, just like her mommy and daddy.

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