Thursday, May 5, 2011

A first I could have done without...

I am sick for the first time since becoming a mother and my dear Emberlynn is sick for the first time in her little life.  This house has been a little rough.  She's having a hard time sleeping because of the congestion and has become extremely clingy.  Of course, I'm exhausted and congested myself.  Poor hubby is just now starting to get sick.  Hopefully we can all get over this and it doesn't turn into a viscous circle of sickness.

Now that school is out for the semester, hopefully hubby can help me pack and clean as we prepare to move.  Yes I said move.  We're not moving too far.  Right now with our financial situation, we can no longer afford to live on our own.  We will be moving in with my father until hubby gets a stable job and we can build up some savings.  It's not an ideal situation but sometimes the right path is the hard path.  Although things might be taking a turn for the better as hubby has had a couple of interviews recently.

I had my second physical therapy session today.  So far I really like her which is such a relief.  I can't say that I enjoy it cause well it's hard to say that something like that is enjoyable.  I am definitely looking forward to being done with this struggle once and for all.

If you could, prayers would be greatly appreciated.  I know I've been asking for those a lot but we're still in a rough time.  I am definitely looking forward to better days but I do still love my current life.

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