Monday, April 4, 2011

Military Life from Alpha to Zulu

I got the idea for this post from Jessica at The Crow Family blog.  You can read her list here.  Of course, I have to give her credit.  She got the idea from Riding the Roller Coaster.  Here is my alphabet.
ALPHA: Airplane, AT (Summer Training), Army (hubby's branch), ACUs, APO.
BRAVO: Bravery, Beret, Battle, Beretta (as in the 9mm hubby carries overseas), Base, BAH, Battle Buddy.
CHARLIE: Chain of Command, Camo, Care Packages, Company, Connex, CO.
DELTA: Drill, Digital (as in the type of camo they wear), Dog Tags.
ECHO: Emotions, Email, Extraction.
FOXTROT: Family, Foreign Lands, FRG, Family Day (we have one at least once a year), FPO.
GOLF: Gear, Grenade, Gas Chamber (they have to go into one at least once a year), Guns, Good-Byes.
HOTEL: Homecoming, "Hurry up and wait".
INDIA: I.D., Iraq, Integrity, Inspection.
JULIET: Jargon (lets face it, Military can be a language of its own), Jacket.
KILO: Kevlar.
LIMA: Loyalty, LES, Love.
MIKE: Military Police, M4, Missions, Mobilization.
NOVEMBER: National Security, NCO, Name Tape.
OSCAR: Orders, OPSEC, Organization (or lack there of).
PAPA: Patriotism, PT, PERSEC, Predeployment Handbook, Packing, Pride, Pay Grade, Promotions.
QUEBEC: Questions, Quick Phone Calls.
ROMEO: Redeployment, Roller Coaster, Reserves, Rank.
SIERRA: Salute, Soldier, Sandbox.
TANGO: Tricare, Team Leader, Tears.
UNIFORM: USA, USO, Uniforms.
VICTOR: Veteran, Voicemail.
WHISKEY: Warrior Ethos, Waiting, War.
XRAY: XO (Executive Officer).
YANKEE: Yellow Ribbon Ceremony.
ZULU: Zone (as in all of the different time zones).


Jessica said...

Oh this is a good list!!!

Meagan McCann said...

I LOVE this! Great blog... :)