Monday, April 5, 2010

appointment number two:

so today i had my second appointment with my ob/gyn. it went good. they did blood work (which is horrible for me despite my three tattoos). i got to ask questions and am excited to find out that i should get to deliver at the new mtmc (the move is officially set for october 2nd and i'm due the 21st). i asked about how many people were allowed in the delivery room and doc says the hospital doesn't have a limit but she prefers to not have more than three. thats great cause i only want my husband, mom, and sister in the room. i got to hear the heartbeat! she didn't tell me what the heartbeat was but it really didn't matter. it was just wonderful to hear. after talking to her, we decided to schedule an NT scan. we're not sure if i'm at risk for anything the test will detect but if it does catch something i would rather know. we have no intentions of terminating, i believe that is God's decision but i would like time to prepare myself. however, i'm almost out of the time frame so its scheduled for tomorrow. but i'm excited that i will get to see my little one again and it should actually look like a baby this time. i am not looking forward to more blood work tomorrow though but its part of the test. i think it will be worth it. i also asked how many cesarean sections she down vs. vaginal deliveries. fifteen percent of her deliveries end end cesarean section and most of them because of repeat situations. that makes me happy because i am really hoping for a vaginal delivery and plan to attempt it pain free. however, i know things can change but i can have hopes right? all in all, the appointment went well and i go back may 3rd. i did find out that my doc considers the end of the first trimester at twelve weeks which means i only have like two days left after today. this experience seemed like it was dragging before the first appointment and now it feels like its flying by. i started taking weekly pictures of my "belly" a couple of weeks ago. it really does look like i'm showing but i'm still convinced that its too soon to be this big. oh well, the doc didn't seem concerned. i'll let you know how the test goes when i get the results and if i get pictures i will most definitely update. hope you enjoyed the update.

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